Mobile Systems International


Established in London in 1989, MSI has grown to become a beacon of innovation in the telecom industry. Our footprint has expanded from the UK to the corners of Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa, solidifying our presence as a global telecom and technology solutions pioneer.

In the early 1990’s we developed the groundbreaking planning tool “Planet”, adopted by over 200 international operators. At MSI, we are the masterminds behind the solutions powering some of the world’s most renowned telecommunications operators. Our rich legacy is founded on quality and strong partnerships that we’ve cultivated over the decades.

The services and solutions we offer span a wide spectrum, from intricate network planning and optimization to advanced techno-economic modeling, innovative design strategies, and end-to-end automation. Our partnership with leading equipment vendors across diverse technologies reaffirms our commitment to quality and innovation. These collaborations have enabled us to consistently deliver projects to the highest standards.

The heart of MSI’s success lies in our diverse talent pool. With a team of multinational consultants deployed across the world, we ensure our clients don’t just receive solutions but a holistic, top-tier technical consultancy experience. The quality of our services, the unparalleled excellence of our products, and the profound expertise of our team form the cornerstone of the MSI DNA.

Our Commitment to Innovation

At MSI we are constantly innovating. As leaders in the telecom and technology landscape, we recognize the rapid pace at which our industry evolves, and we are constantly developing our services and skill to stay at the forefront of these changes.

Leading with Forward-Thinking Solutions

Our extensive suite of professional services, ranging from Network Services, Spectrum & Interference Management to Techno-Economic Modelling, represents our dedication to innovation and excellence. By continuously updating our methodologies and integrating the latest technologies, such as AI/ML and OpenRAN, we deliver state-of-the-art solutions that not only address today’s challenges but also anticipate tomorrow’s needs.

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